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Just went here with my friend today and it was incredible, amazing price for what we got we had a lovely experience the staff were lovely and friendly .River was amazing as he came to find us and explained each room and about all sorts of individual items etc in amazing detail.

I have told others and will be returning very soon, an amazing experience and will be back!!!

Absolutely incredible experience and so much to see. From movie props to scary items with attachments. The staff are awesome and friendly.


Had a great time here today for a late birthday treat. Held a skull….or two. The main room of cabinets is worth the cost of admission alone…Spooky!

Amazing experience, loads to look at and read. Really nice friendly staff happy to answer any questions. I would highly recommend.

Your not allowed to take photos but that is fine. For £8 it was such good value I love the mix of esoteric items with backstory and the horror movie props. You get to hold a real human skull at one point with a hard hat on which is a surreal experience but memorable.

The staff were beyond lovely and so helpful. I loved chatting with them and they only enhanced the experience. I found this place purely by accident but if you get a chance then this is a must visit.

Soooo interesting to visit!! Great place would definitely recommend 😊😊 some really interesting things to view! Really friendly staff who were happy to help with any questions I had

A very interesting museum with some curious exhibits, my favourite was the taxidermied rats. Our 8 year old found everything fascinating and the staff were lovely - a must visit if you and your children are into the macabre!

very cool place especially if you like haunted stories and oddities, would definitely recommend to anyone that was thinking of going

Absolutely amazing staff and wonderful and odd stuff too look at! Would 100% go again. Spooooooky!!!!!

Staff are absolutely lovely and very knowledgeable Would very much recommend people to visit the museum

I went into this museum with no expectations. I walked around for a bit but felt too weird to walk around there on my own. I took a break outside and then I went in again and one of the people that worked there walked around with me and explained everything. He was really good at it, and I could tell that he was just as fascinated about the stuff as I was. He also did tarot cards on me and said some things that he wouldn’t be able to know about me but were true.
Was in there for 3 hours. One of the most crazy experiences in my life.

This was an amazing experience very surreal staff super friendly and lovely there was so much to see and such interesting things

Absolutely brilliant and very interesting. Staff very friendly and really chatty. The young lady who gave us a talk about the skulls was very informative and friendly. Amazing selection of exhibits and well laid out. Will return soon! Thanks a lot, from the group from Blackpool 👍


Me and my partner have wanted to go for a while as it sounded interesting. It didn't disappoint and we enjoyed all the different items.
From skulls; taxidermy animals; possessed dolls to items associated with demonic properties.
It is located over 4 floors with some narrow stairs and landings so may not be suitable for anyone with mobility issues.
I felt very uneasy by the Victorian hearse and the room full of dolls was freezing cold!
The gift shop had some lovely items as well.
Definitely worth a visit when in Nottingham and the two ladies were very attentive and talkative.

amazing place to visit . friendly team , interesting items . laid out over four floors. including the underground cave

I absolutely loved this little gem! My 1st thought upon entering the museum itself, was that it smelt like animals (leading to me pondering if it really was the taxidermy I could smell, or they'd piped in the smell to make it feel more authentic) and it had a genuinely creepy atmosphere.
I'm not a superstitious person, I don't believe in ghosts, but I do love anything creepy and there is no denying this place sent a chill down my spine.
There are a few floors with different sections - from creepy dolls, to taxidermy - to a pet cemetery and opportunity to hold a real human skull (which is apparently haunted). Many of the items were 'haunted', others were replicas and some were simply film memorabilia / merchandise - but pretty much every item had a well worded story explaining why it belonged in the museum.
I would recommend giving this place a visit - as there are steps throughout and the rooms are small, I would guess that mobility issues could prevent a person from exploring most of the areas, which is a shame. But for those of us lucky enough to not have to worry about that, the weird layout kind of adds to the creepy feel.

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